Office 365 Script: Create cloud identities by referencing a CSV file

It’s easy to think in terms of enterprise deployments and come up with solutions to fit those scenarios.  Then, low and behold, a day comes along when you have a need to provision users without using DirSync!  It’s doubtful that most of us would want to create users manually.  So, if you fall into this scenario and have a need to scriptomatically create users, then feel free to use this script as a way to provision your one’s, ten’s, hundred’s, or whatever number of users as cloud identities (not federated identities).  Once the identities are provisioned, you will still need to assign licenses to them and distribute passwords.  Fortunately, this script will save the automatically generated passwords to a file for easy reference later when you are ready to distribute them to your user population.

Read the help information for details on how to execute the script.

Get-help .\ NewMsolUser_FromCSV.ps1 -full

A copy of the script can be downloaded by clicking on the link below.


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