Office 365 Script: Append additional proxy address to existing cloud identity

What more can be said other than the title?  Enjoy…  🙂 Read the help information for details on how to execute the script. Get-help .\SetMailbox_AppendAdditionalProxyAddress_FromCSV.ps1 -full A copy of the script can be downloaded by clicking on the link below. SetMailbox_AppendProxyAddress_FromCSV.ps1


Office 365 Script: Create cloud identities by referencing a CSV file

It’s easy to think in terms of enterprise deployments and come up with solutions to fit those scenarios.  Then, low and behold, a day comes along when you have a need to provision users without using DirSync!  It’s doubtful that most of us would want to create users manually.  So, if you fall into this…


Office 365 Script: Count total user, group, and contact objects in on-premises Active Directory forest in preparation for deploying DirSync

So, you are preparing to deploy the Directory Synchronization tool for Office 365 and are looking for a PowerShell script that will count all of the users, groups, and contacts in the on-premises Active Directory.  First, I should point out that the Deployment Readiness Tool that is available for download from the Office 365 community…


Office 365 Script: Get Office 365 tenant SKU/license usage information

So, you already know how to get license usage information from the Microsoft Online Portal, but now you are looking for a way to accomplish the same thing via PowerShell.  Perhaps you are working on a little bit of automation to create a CSV report of usage information that you can send to yourself or…


Office 365 Script: Get an Office 365 user statistics report

Need a way to report mailbox statistics and/or mobile device usage information (plus a few other things) to your various business groups or subsidiaries?  Or, perhaps you want to verify that users have been assigned the correct license?  Use the following script to generate a little report – or big report if you have several…


Office 365 Script: Assign Office 365 licenses

So, you have some users that are now using Office 365, and you need to assign licenses to those users.  The following script will enable you to license the users by referencing a CSV file, by identifying all unlicensed users, or by identifying only those users that need license reconciliation.  If you have migrated some…


Office 365 Script: Get Office 365 Account Sku ID’s and Service Plan Names

Preparing to assign Office 365 licenses to users, but want to disable certain plans associated with the license sku id?  Well, before you can do that, you need to know the names of the service plans.  Use the following script to get the account sku id’s for a tenant and the corresponding service plan names. …


Connect to Office 365 via Remote PowerShell

First, I should point out that there are a couple of ways of connecting to Office 365. One option involves using the Microsoft Online Service Module for Windows PowerShell cmdlet named Connect-MsolService. This option will connect you to the Office 365 PowerShell web service so that you can execute any of the cmdlets that are…