Server Posterpedia App – but I don’t have touch on my Windows 8 PC? No problem.

Hi Everyone,

I had a few emails from folks asking how they can pinch and zoom the posters in the Server Posterpedia app if they don't have a touch screen. No problems, Windows 8 is designed for all experiences. Simply use "Control Key + Mouse Scroll Wheel". Works great. 🙂




Comments (2)

  1. sandor says:

    i do not even have a mouse, i have a touchpad, and a trackpoint

  2. Red Kaffe says:

    well… it looks like someone might have to actually spend 10$ on a Bluetooth/RF mouse 🙂

    like someone said (i suffer from bad memory) "if you think education is expensive, try ignorance…" you ALWAYS have to invest something to get knowledge, even for free apps, you might end up spending a few golden coins on hardware.

    Best regards,

    and, just in case, this is humour!

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