New Hyper-V Information…

Hi Everyone,

Some new material to assist with Hyper-V. Have a look at the link for running more applications on Azure!


·         Microsoft Server Application Virtualization CTP Released – Run More of your Applications on Windows Azure We are excited to announce the Community Technology Preview of Microsoft Server Application Virtualization (Server App-V), and the Server Application Virtualization Packaging Tool.

·         Hyper-V: Enabling processor compatibility with a script When we released Windows Server 2008 R2 we added the ability to make a virtual machines processor more compatible for migration between different hardware platforms (details here).  Here is a PowerShell script to do this for you.

·         Using Hyper-V for a high-end desktop computer I often get asked what my recommendation is for a high-end desktop computer for the virtualization enthusiast. The root problem that causes this question is the well noted issues with Hyper-V and high-end video cards.  Thankfully – this can now be a problem of the past.




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