Virtualization Technology Updates

Hi Everyone,
Here are a few new virtualization technology updates you might want to read.  

·         App-V: App-V: Why it should be the most important tool in your virtualization tool belt Today I’d like to further explore Application Virtualization, which is a key component to a complete desktop virtualization strategy. More specifically, I’ll review some of the business benefits customers are already experiencing today and how Microsoft partnerships can deliver added value. See also: App-V with Appsense : Better Together

·         FAQs : App-V The blog lists links to some of the common questions on App-V.

·         Known issues and limitations when using virtualized Office 2010 applications on App-V 4.6 and App-V 4.5 SP2 clients If you currently run a virtualized version of Microsoft Office or plan to do so in the future then this makes a great reference.

·         MED-VA More Granular Approach to Troubleshooting First-Time Setup of Workspaces in MED-V 1.0Is there a more streamlined way on troubleshooting the first-time setup?  It is such a pain in the neck to have to wait and re-download an image just to test one simple command or piece of syntax!”


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