Introducing our latest SQL Server 2008 Microsoft Certified Master – Guillaume Fourrat

Guillaume was lucky enough to start with SQL Server for his first position at Microsoft,
and never let go that fantastic product since : Several years in French Tier2 support (at a time where replication issues on SQL Server 6.5 clusters were
still lurking around, brrr) enabled him to discover the amazing team which is Microsoft Support and build a solid experience on product externals, live
production constraints and enterprise architectures. He then focused on Analysis Service BI engine with EMEA-wide scope, where advanced MDX and Cube
design gave him more than a few headaches. Finally he went to the other side of the Matrix and joined the Escalation Team for SQL Server, where he is now happy
to deep dive in his beloved product’s internals while investigating complex technical issues escalated from all over EMEA.


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