Introducing our latest Windows Server 2008 R2 Microsoft Certified Master- Sean O’Connor

Sean started his career over 16 years ago, working on Windows NT 3.51 and earned his first Microsoft certification on Windows 2000 Server. Since then he has gone on to attain a wealth of certifications, many from Microsoft. With his successful completion of the rigorous training rotation at the Microsoft campus in Redmond and the extremely challenging 9 hour qualification lab exam, he has learned the ways of the Force, and is now a Master himself.

Sean enjoys travelling and has worked in Canada, the USA, Bermuda, the Netherlands, and is currently an independent consultant based in the UK. He is focused on applying his knowledge of Active Directory and Virtualization architecture to produce global-scale infrastructure solutions for large enterprises.

He also likes to expand his knowledge by keeping up to date on the latest technological advances, and occasionally finds the time to enjoy a nice juicy steak in the company of good friends.

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