Introducing our latest SQL Server 2008 Microsoft Certified Master – Vedran Kesegić

Vedran Kesegic is programming since he was 10-year old kid, from C++, assembly, to SQL Server in
the last 12+ years, from version 2000 on. He's been working in several
companies, from larger telecoms to smaller development companies. After
graduating on FER (Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing, Zagreb) his
first job was on the same faculty until he received Master of Science degree on
intelligent information systems. In the beginning, he designed information
systems using Oracle and SQL Server in parallel, but later strongly focused on
SQL Server, performance tuning, DBA tasks, storage (SAN) administration and
optimization, moving gradually to consultancy tasks. He likes to find
innovative solutions, tough challenges and sharing knowledge with colleagues.

He is active in Microsoft community on several forums, several public presentations, regular
internal company lectures, and writing SQL Server articles on mostly about
transaction log, performance, security and lesser known things about SQL
Server. He is author of XDetails,
Add-In for SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS). It empowers TSQL developers
with fast object search and shows detailed informations like index included
columns, foreign keys, procedures. Full functionality costs a few dimes (free
for MCM and MVP), but it can be used completely free, without the time limit.

His hobby, except playing with his little son, is photography, even for some time leading
Croatian Mensa's photo section. He likes goat milk, badminton, sometimes
singing with acoustic guitar. Phylosophy and theoretical physics are also welcomed

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