Introducing our latest Microsoft Certified Master: Exchange Server 2010 – Nick Parlow

Nick has worked with Exchange since 1998, when he discovered that information technology was more interesting than electron microscopy. He has worked as a consultant in the networking and security arena, before specialising in email in 2003. He provides support and advice for some of the largest and most interesting Exchange implementations in Europe through his employer, Fujitsu UK.  These include large government and military organizations, as well as some of the UK’s largest retailers and hospitality providers. Nick has also pursued interests in organizational change and earned a Master’s degree in networking and management from Sheffield Hallam University.

Nick can often be found on the end of a telephone in the small hours of the morning, advising his colleagues on how to get Exchange started so that his customers will have access to mail when they arrive for work. This has taught him the twin virtues of patience and humility. When not suggesting a reboot Nick likes to follow Candide’s advice, and tend his garden.



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