Introducing our latest SQL Server 2008 Microsoft Certified Master – Steven Ormrod

Steven Ormrod has been working with technology for over fifteen years, and playing video games even longer.

At university, Steven started out studying Anthropology and Music until a friend showed him the VAX mainframe, email, and IRC. He soon became a devotee
to the dark side of computing, earning a Bachelors in Computer Science and minoring in Mathematics.

Steven began his career on the Software Development side of things. After a while, he took a sabbatical where he taught underprivileged high school
students Java game programming, Mathematics, Robotics, and Theatre. Along the way he earned a Masters in Education.

Eventually, the dark side called to him again and he returned to technology as a Database Administrator for several large, international companies. He focused
on Clustering, Indexing, and Performance Tuning.

Presently, he is a Senior Consultant with Catapult Systems, LLC. where he is expanding into Business Intelligence.

Steven currently sits on the Board of Directors for the Austin SQL Server User Group, CACTUSS. He enjoys
speaking at user groups and SQL Saturdays.

When not corrupting databases or crashing servers he likes to soak up all the live music Austin has to offer.

Steven blogs at and can be found on Twitter as @SQLAvenger.

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