Introducing our latest Windows 2008 R2 Microsoft Certified Master – Amarpal Attwal

Amarpal started in the IT sector as a helpdesk administrator and combined with hard work and dedication along with persistence managed to sit and pass various MCP exams opening the door to promotions starting from desktop engineer through to Active Directory Architect.  

Have led many teams in the engineering function for previous employers and now manages the ITS engineering team for Just-Eat ( as ITS Engineering Lead.


Road to the MCM

One day browsing somehow I came across the learning section to see the various options and technical paths.  Then I saw the "MCM" section and thought I need to get myself on that list and that was where the journey to becoming master began.



To potential MCM candidate - this is not for the faint hearted.  If this is what you want to do then follow through with all you have and don't look back until you reach your goal.  I failed all three exams first time around but didn't let that stop me - so don't let anything stop you achieving what you want!



MCM: Directory Service 2008 R2 Rotation 14 in February 2012


In my spare time I'm a keen sportsman and loves boxing! Have boxed for my local town in regional competitions as an amateur in the super-heavy weight division, and still can pack a punch so beware if you see me!


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Comments (2)

  1. dgreg - MSFT says:

    Amarpal, I love hearing stories like this where someone followed their passion, worked really heard, set some goals, and then did whatever it took to achieve them. Congratulations for achieving the MCM 2008 R2. You are now a member of a elite and passionate group of Active Directory engineers. We hope to see your continued participation in the program and community.

  2. Chris Mortimer says:

    Congratulations. I knew you could do it. You have come a long way since MHP helpdesk role. Good work and good luck for the future.

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