Introducing our latest SQL Server 2008 Microsoft Certified Master – Gokhan Varol

Gokhan Varol started his SQL Server career in 1996as a database developer for the telecommunications company NTera.

On that role Gokhan was exposed to challenges typical of a centralized highly transaction
systems, which generated several million events per day. Later Gokhan took on
traditional DBA roles for Sungard and Citrix sytems, where he performed routine
administrative tasks managing thousands of databases in hundreds of servers.
 Currently he is a senior database architect at Corelogic, one of the
largest providers of real estate data in the country, and now he works on
problems typical to VLDB systems. Gokhan broad range of experience shaped him
into a well versed SQL professional with solid experience in diverse
environments. On each role Gokhan has been very passionate about thoroughly
understanding the problems and how to apply SQL Server resources to mitigate or
eliminate them.

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