New Certification Announcements after Our Final SharePoint 2010 MCM Rotation

We wrapped up our final SharePoint 2010 MCM rotation ("R13") at the end of August, marking a delivery hiatus until our first MCSM: SharePoint rotations (stay tuned to the MCSM page, this blog, and our program webcasts for more info on the what/where/when/how/why of that as it becomes available). It was our first "standard model" delivery (three consecutive weeks on-site in Redmond) since introducing our "hybrid model" in January, and we all "enjoyed" the conspicuously pleasant summer weather from the confines of the classrooms in Building 40, working through long hours of lectures, labs, and study. We've also been busy with lab exam proctoring since the last blog post, so I'm very pleased to announce several new members of our community from previous rotations as well:

  • Adam Toth (R13) is the manager of SharePoint development at Blue Rooster. Adam is a seasoned consultant/developer who has worked with Fortune 500 companies to build unique experiences with SharePoint.
  • Arbindo Chattopadhyay (R13) is a Senior Consultant with Microsoft Consulting Services specializing in large-scale SharePoint deployments, Search and SharePoint Online solutions.
  • Brian Caauwe (R13) is a Senior Consultant at Avtex (, focusing on SharePoint-based Information Worker technologies in Minneapolis, MN.
  • Chris Zhong (R13) is a Senior Consultant for Microsoft Consulting Services based in Canberra, Australia.
  • Erwin Tsai (R13) is the director/head technical consultant at Techfly ( in Australia. He has designed and implemented SharePoint projects with a great diversity of enterprises including education, mining, transportation, health and government.
  • Kevin Cole (R12) is a consultant with DevFacto providing quality solutions for the major oil, gas, and construction companies of the western side of Canada. He has worked with SharePoint since 2007 beta.
  • Kyle Petersen (R13) is a SharePoint Architect with Slalom Consulting working in Portland Oregon.
  • Oscar Douwstra (R12) is a Senior Architect working for Capgemini, Netherlands. He architects and implements complex SharePoint and .NET based Enterprise Application projects. Oscar likes to research and make maximum use of software components and their capabilities.
  • Sam Veilleux (R12) is a Senior Consultant with Microsoft Consulting Services based in Chicago, IL.
  • Varma Rudraraju (R13) is a Senior Consultant with Hewlett-Packard's Microsoft Consulting Practice and is based out of Houston, USA. Varma focuses on delivering high quality SharePoint solutions to clients.

Congratulations to everyone, and welcome to the SharePoint MCM community!

SharePoint 2010 MCM delivery continues through late August 2013 in the form of retakes and lab exam proctoring.

We're also hard at work on designing MCSM: SharePoint and performing a complete refresh of course material, hands-on labs, and exams for SharePoint 2013 - a huge but rewarding effort involving the efforts of dozens of SharePoint MCMs. Stay tuned!


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