So long and thanks for all the fish….

After nearly four years I'm moving on as the PM of the Lync and OCS MCM programs. It has been quite a ride.....

On January 12th 2009 the first rotation of OCS MCM kicked off in building 11 on Redmond campus.

Almost four years later we have achieved the following…

  • Run 12 rotations
  • Moved classrooms once
  • Revised the content 7 times and gone through one complete rewrite
  • Made 4 people sing ‘I’m a little tea pot’ for being late to class (you know who you are)
  • Delivered 32256 slides (really)
  • Imaged 2088 laptops/workstations
  • Spent 1020 hours in class
  • Run 816 hours of labs
  • Spent 828 weekends away from home
  • Had one car towed away
  • Had one massive power outage (respect to rotation 9!)
  • Eaten 720 bags of crisps (chips)
  • Had 1 'Tanjay' hardware failure
  • Built out 150TB of virtual machines
  • Had 2 laptop hard drives fail
  • Delivered 660 exams over 1320 hours
  • Delivered 240 qual labs over 1680 hours
  • Moved the date of 1 babies delivery (Mohammad - I will never forget your dedication to the cause!)
  • One case of swine flu
  • Contributed 21 authors and reviewers to the Lync 2010 Resource Kit
  • One heart attack (he's fine now and certified!)
  • Made a material difference to the quality of OCS and Lync skills around the world

You don't often get to start something entirely new and this has been a fantastic experience for me. However, there is no doubt in my mind that although I may be the PM for the program it is the passion, dedication and sheer quality of the instruction team that I've had the good fortune to work with over the past four years that have made all the difference. My most sincere thanks to all of those that have made the program what it is today - the list of names is incredibly long but you know who you are. For those of you that have attended I thank you each for the effort and dedication that you put in as I know full well the personal sacrifice that is required and to those that will attend in the future I wish you well - you are in good hands.

Speaking of which - Microsoft Learning is hiring for my replacement. See here for more details (

Long live Lync MCM!


PS! If you've never read The Hitch Hikers Guide to the Galaxy....shame on you

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