Congratulations to our latest SharePoint 2010 Masters!

Greetings everyone. Springtime in Redmond was exceptionally busy for the SharePoint MCM instructor team, with lots of globetrotting from our 11-member internationally-based instructor team, who delivered 5 weeks of training in an 8-week span! The hotels and restaurants in and around Redmond Town Center had become something of our home away from home...

Our candidates - including a few instructors who were pulling "double-duty" as they worked on their upgrades - were much busier than the rest of us, resulting in many new SharePoint 2010 MCM certifications and quite a few more nipping at their heels with retakes.

New MCMs:

  • Brad Smith (R8) - Brad is a Senior Premier Field Engineer for Microsoft based in Melbourne, Australia. He has significant experience working with FAST Search and with SharePoint.
  • Chris Whitehead (R8) - Chris is a Premier Field Engineer based in the UK, supporting Microsoft's Premier customers throughout Europe.
  • Chun Liu (R7) - Chun is a Premier Field Engineer based in Singapore. He provides proactive and reactive technical support to the Premier customers of Microsoft.
  • Duray AKAR (R8) - Duray is a Senior Premier Field Engineer at Microsoft, based in Florida, helping Premier customers overcome their SharePoint development and infrastructure challenges.
  • Sam Hassani (R8) - Sam Hassani is Premier Field Engineer specialising in SharePoint based out of Microsoft UK.
  • Wesley Bakker (R8) - Wesley Bakker is a Microsoft Platform consultant with motion10, based in The Netherlands. He is a Microsoft Certified Traininer and a frequent speaker atMicrosoft conferences.
  • Wictor Wilén (R8) - Wictor Wilén is a SharePoint architect with Connecta AB based in Sweden. He has also been awarded SharePoint MVP for his community contributions.

MCM Upgrades:

  • Bryan Porter (U1) - Bryan is a Senior Service Engineer working in the SharePoint product team with a focus on Office365 dedicated.
  • Jerry Orman (U2) - Jerry is a Senior Premier Field Engineer for Microsoft based out of Southern California.
  • Morten Schioldan (U2) - Morten is a Principal Consultant with Microsoft Consulting Services and is based in Denmark.
  • Paul Hefford (U2) - Paul is a web technology specialist at Fujitsu Technology Solutions - a leading IT infrastructure provider - and is based in Munich, Germany.

Congratulations to all of you for your truly amazing efforts and an outstanding achievement!

A quick post-script... I often receive the question, "Are the people listed in the new certification announcements and the Meet the MCMs and MCAs page the only SharePoint MCMs?" The answer is no - there are more. Some MCMs choose not to opt in for the announcements, as we need their permission to publish this information. So three cheers for all the other folks from R1 through R8 and our upgrade rotations who've achieved the SharePoint MCM certifications but haven't had a posting to announce it. 🙂 This doesn't mean they're incognito, however... the bona fide system of record for who is and isn't an MCM is always the MCP transcript - assuming you have their permission, if you need to validate someone's MCM credentials, just do this via the MCP Transcript Tool.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Well done and congratulations!

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