SQL MCM Profile: Denzil Ribeiro

I’ve been looking forward to making this SQL MCM profile update for some time now as I consider Denzil to be in the top tier of SQL Server support engineers at Microsoft. I’ve been pestering him for permission to post his bio and it finally paid off:

Denzil Ribeiro, Senior Premier Field Engineer, Microsoft. Denzil has been involved with SQL Server since the SQL 6.5 days and has been with Microsoft since 2001. He currently works in a support and consulting role in a dedicated capacity with a few large fortune 100 customers. Prior to this role, Denzil was in PSS and had various roles from Technical Lead to Escalation Engineer specializing in the Database Engine space. Areas of specialty include Database Engine internals, Debugging and Performance troubleshooting and Reporting Services.

Denzil navigates SQL Server stack dumps with ease and is part of our team’s last line of defense against the toughest issues. Needless to say, I’m glad he is part of the MCM community (and PFE too).

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  1. Brent Ozar says:

    Denzil is the best SQL Server guy I know, period.  Fun to be around, eager to help, loves what he does, and does it really well.  I'm honored to know him.

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