Microsoft Certified Master – Insider’s view

Hey Folks,

I wanted to share a great video highlighting the one of a kind training you can get via the Microsoft Certified Master program.  In this clip you'll see candidates from MCM Exchange 2010 Rotation 8 (January, 2011) and hear from four of our instructors.  Each of the instructors, by way, attended the training themselves at one point.  I met Andrew when I went to the Exchange Dependencies Course (EDC) in Texas sometime in 2005...that was a 1 week mandatory pre-requisite to the program then and he was shadowing another instructor having just completed his MCA certification.  Greg was already a MCA by this time and I think John taught public folders for the first time during the rotation I attended Oct - Dec that same year.  David is the newest MCM; however, his experience with large, enterprise Exchange deployments brings essential real world knowledge to the classroom.

Anyway, take a look and let me know what you think!

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