MCM Directory Rotation – A day by day viewpoint…

Hi all,

In our current rotation James Carrion is providing a day by day account of his experiences since Day 1 (April 4th). 

Read all about it here.

Check back next week to see how for a summary of how the R12 group performed!

Acting Program Manager - MCM and MCA Directory Programs

Comments (2)

  1. OtherKevin says:

    Are there any plans to change the MCM: Directory program (or any other MCM programs)  so that the on-site training in Redmond is not required, a la the MCM: SQL program?  The investment in both time and money that the current program requires poses a serious barrier to entry for many otherwise qualified candidates (as you have no doubt seen when the floodgates on the SQL MCM opened).

  2. Rob Silver says:

    Sounds like James has a lot of time on his hands 🙂

    Sensei Ryan, tell me you kicked @$$ in Halo on Saturday against the Lync masters!  Do us proud!

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