New discussion forum for SQL MCM and a new hash tag

Quick post today - I just wanted to point out two new resources for overall MCM: SQL Server 2008 discussions:

  • We have a new forum for SQL MCM discussion that you can find here: Microsoft Certified Master: SQL Server 2008 Discussion Forum. I think having the forum will be a great way to ask questions about the program, give feedback or even connect with various participants in the community (for example - asking questions about the SQL MCM readiness videos).  
  • Also - Thomas LaRock recently kicked off a new Twitter hash tag that you can use to connect with others regarding the SQL MCM exams.  The hash tag is #mcmprep and it is a great way to stay connected with other folks looking to prepare for the certification.

By the way - a big thanks to Brent Ozar for prompting the creation of this forum. The idea of a forum hadn't occurred to me yet - and once he suggested it I realized this would be a great way to persist information that has so far been spread out over several blogs, tweets and emails. 

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