Interests in Formula One, Karting, Physics, Robotics, Philosophy and now SQL MCM

I’m very happy to announce a new SQL MCM today:

Didier Vérel, SQL Server and Business Intelligence Architect, Avanade France. Didier has been working with SQL Server since version 1.0. His key areas of expertise encompass administration, development and Business Intelligence domains. Didier joined Avanade France 10 years ago where he is responsible for delivering consulting for customers on mission critical databases based on OLTP and Business Intelligence architectures. Didier also delivers frequent performance audits on SQL Server and Analysis Services and he developed and delivers his own auditing and monitoring platform solution. Outside of work, Didier has many different interests, including Formula One, Karting, Super Bowl final, Math, Physics, Robotics, Economics, Philosophy and above all Family trip around the world.

Congratulations Didier!  Very glad to have you in the community.

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  1. Ricardo Leka says:

    Hi Didier,,,, Congratulations !!!

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