MCM Directory Crosses 80

We're not quite 80 years old yet...  However, we did hit a different milestone.

We wrapped up the 9th MCM Directory rotation last Sunday (October 3rd) and after some retakes over the past few days we have crossed the mark of 80 certified individuals for the MCM Directory in for Windows Server 2008 and Windows Server 2008 R2.

Congratulations to the following individuals from the recent rotation:

  • Brent Whitlow, Microsoft Premier Field Engineering, United States
  • Oliver Kiel, PingUs Solutions, Germany
  • Jim Johnston, Microsoft Consulting Services, Unied States
  • Daniel Metzger, Bitline Informatikberatung, Switzerland

I would also like to gratulate Mark Parris from the United Kingdom who completed his certification lab and his MCM Directory for Windows Server 2008. 

We look forward to having another successful rotation in November.


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