“Wild Man” SQL Server MCM

I’m happy to announce a new SQL Server 2008 MCM  today:

Steve Tetrault, Technical Architect. Steve is a professional with IT in his blood. He holds degrees in Computer Science and Education. He is the fourth SQL MCM from Canada (third outside of Microsoft) and he said he may also be our community’s youngest SQL Server MCM yet. Steve is driven, solution focused and fun, affectionately earning the nickname “Wild Man” during Rotation 9 of the SQL MCM program.

Welcome to the community Steve!

Comments (5)

  1. SCHT says:

    Congratulations Steve, I hope I'm able to rub off some inspiration from Steve and move closer to my dream.

  2. Dandy Weyn says:

    so how old is Steve again, he looks much older than me.

    He wasn't as wild the last day at my place though …. when he was performing a great experience of load balancing …lucky we were all there so he had good failover 🙂

  3. Ricardo Leka says:

    Congratulations !!!!

  4. Weblord says:

    Congratulations Steve, I bow to the new Master.

  5. Randall Neth says:

    I do remember he put on a good showing of his billiards skills while at the training.  And yes Dandy I agree Steve does look much older than you.

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