Rotation 8 brings in new MCMs – Meet one of them today

We have a few new MCMs to announce soon from Rotation 8 of the SQL MCM program. Introductions will trickle out over the next few days, but today I just wanted to introduce one of our brand new graduates, Robert L Davis:

Robert L Davis, Operations Engineer at Microsoft. In January 2000, Robert accepted a position as a database developer with the expectation that he would be able to transition into a web developer position when an opportunity presented itself. In his first three years in the industry, he flipped back and forth between database development and web development depending on which role the company needed most. In 2003, the CTO wanted him to make the change to web developer permanently. His aspirations had changed over the years, and he made a counter-proposal. The company’s DBA had left about 6 months earlier, and he convinced them to give him the chance to take over the role of DBA. He ran with the opportunity and never looked back. He has worked as a DBA since 2003 and has been heavily involved in other operations activity since 2002. He has continued to work heavily on both the administrative and development side of SQL Server over the years. He joined Microsoft as a contractor in 2007 and accepted a full-time position in 2009 with the PQO (Product Quality and Online) Operations group.

Outside of work, he is married with two German Shepherds named Maggie and Woody. He is an avid writer who blogs about SQL Server topics and enjoys writing horror fiction. His book Pro SQL Server 2008 Mirroring was released October 2009. You can follow Robert’s blog at

Congratulations Robert! (And happy recovery from your three week adventure)

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  1. Robert L Davis says:

    Thanks!! It’s nice to be back at work where I can finally get some rest. 🙂

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