A Ton of Last Minute Exchange MCM Upgrades and 2007 Folks Completing Their Certs

So I gave the Exchange community until the end of February to upgrade their MCM's to 2007. So as usual they all left it to the last minute... 🙂

Here however is a list of those that passed an exam or two to first join the community, well done to them!

  • Tyler Jin - Tyler works for Microsoft in China

  • Beth Belluardo - Beth is a PFE for Microsoft based in the US

  • Andrea Pisani - Andrea is also a PFE for Microsoft, based in Italy

And here's a list of those existing MCM's and MCA's who passed the 2007 Qual Lab to add 2007 MCM to their transcripts;

  • Sharon Lee - Sharon works for Microsoft and is based in Hong Kong

  • Ian Gauld - Ian works for Microsoft and is based in Redmond

  • Shamsher Dhanoa - Shamsher is another Microsoft person, based in the US

  • Mike Steel - Mike works for Avanade in the US

  • Chuck Chiambolero - Chuck works for EMC and is US based

  • Robert Grosse - Robert works for Unisys in the US

  • Roberto Martinez Lima - Roberto works for Microsoft and is based in Argentina

  • Maarten Keuzenkamp - Maarteen works for Microsoft and is based in the Netherlands

Finally, a few MCA's upgraded their MCA's

  • Andrew Ehrensing - An Architect for Microsoft Consulting Services

  • Ian Gauld - Ian works in MSIT/BPoS for Microsoft and is based in Redmond

  • Thomas Strasser - Thomas works for HP in Germany

Well done to all of them. It's been a busy old time getting all these people through the exams.


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