Bumper Crop of OCS MCMs from rotation 5!!

With rotation 5 out of the door we have only one rotation left on OCS 2007 R2 (May). The latest group to enjoy the thrills and spills of OCS Masters is pictured below just before taking the qual lab. By previous standards this group was relatively quiet in the classroom but they sure put everything into it and I'm pleased to announce that we have 9 new OCS MCMs from this rotation (with several folks only missing one exam so this figure will go up for sure). They are...

  • Chad Austin – Chad works for MCS in the US

  • Philipp Beck – Philipp works for LuWare AG and is based in Switzerland

  • Jeff Colvin – From Aspect and is based in the US

  • Martin Deer – Martin works for BT in the UK

  • Doug Deitterick – Doug is a PFE based in the US

  • David Grob – David works for the BPOS team in the US

  • Seth Harper – Seth also works BPOS in the US

  • Aaron Jiang – Aaron is a PFE based in China

  • Bill Lockett – Bill works for Dimension Data based in sunny Australia

Congratulations to them all and I look forward to announcing more MCMs from rotation 5 as the retake band wagon gets going.


Rotation 5 Looking Lovely

Great to see our own BPOS folks in the rotation as we ramp up our online services! 



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