Some Other New MCM Exchange 2007’s and One MCA to Congratulate

Aside from those I just blogged about who passed during the last rotation, over the last couple of months a few people completed their exams to also become new MCM's, and some upgrades were completed too.

So here they are, and apologies for being behind on these. Firstly those that are the new to the world of MCM.

  • Peter Schmidt - Peter passed the Qual lab and therefore is awarded the MCM 2007 - Peter attended rotation 3 back in May last year. Peter works for EG A/S in Denmark as an Infrastructure Architect

  • Geoff Beamer - Geoff also passed his Qual recently and also came through on Rotation 3. Geoff is a Senior Consulting Architect for IBM in Canada

Then we have two MCM 2003's who upgraded their MCM to Exchange 2007;

  • Paolo Rescigno - Paolo works for MCS as a Consultant for Microsoft in Italy

  • Torben Sørensen - Torben also works for MCS, as a Senior Consultant, and is based in Denmark. Torben was a fellow R15'er. Like me.

And finally, and by no means leastly, as this is a big one to get - Bernd Franzen, a Consultant III for Microsoft in Germany, upgraded his MCA is Exchange 2003 to 2007. So he now holds all 4 MCM and MCA certs in Exchange - Great work Bernd and very happy for you!

Now, for anyone that has been counting... or is interested, here are the latest MCM/MCA totals for Exchange

  • MCM Exchange 2003 - 146

  • MCM Exchange 2007 - 131

  • MCA Exchange 2003 - 67

  • MCA Exchange 2007 - 17

There are more scheduled in, and soon we finish 2007, so then I can start introducing 2010 MCM's. Let's see who's the first to get all 6 certs... there's only a few that can possibly achieve that. In fact, only 10 people in the world hold all 4 certs in Exchange at this time...

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