Exchange MCM Upgrades – Please Congratulate…

I’ve been a bit behind recently on these, something to do with running a 3 week class, but better late than never…

Some existing MCM 2003’s passed the 2007 Qual and therefore add MCM 2007 to their transripts. Well done to the following people;

  • CK Quek – CK is an Architect working for Microsoft in Singapore

  • Tim Farmer – Tim is a PFE, again working for Microsoft, and is based in the US

  • David Bjurman-Birr – David works for Rackspace

  • Derrick Baxter – Derrick works for EMC in the Partner Engineering team

  • John Glynn – John is a Principal Consultant in MCS, based in the US

  • Anne Soilleux – Anne is an Escalation Engineer for Microsoft in the UK

All of these folks deserve a big Well Done!

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