One Week Done, Only Two More to Go..

For Exchange and SharePoint that is. Directory is now only two weeks long, so they are at the halfway point, and OCS is entering their final week. Busy busy right now.

It's been a great week in my room, or at least, I think it has. CAS and Transport done, survey scores are in, and they are great, as expected. This weekend the class have been busy studying, but also having a go at the Practise Qual Lab I set up for them. During the course of the weekend I have been getting emails from the class as they complete their attempts - and the language in some... well well, seems like some of the little treats I left in there for them caused quite a bit of frustration... good! 🙂

The lab is mainly about troubleshooting Exchange, but, and as I told them before the weekend started, it's mainly about thinking logically and calmly, When things don't work, that should, where do you start looking? Do you crack out netmon? or run netdiag? Do you attach a debugger? or just say "oh bugger"? I always tell them to cover the basics first, before they get too deep. Too often people fail the Qual because they over analyze and miss the real basic stuff.

It's their first exam tomorrow morning at 8am, hope they do well, if so, green ticky ticky for them. I didn't create this by the way, one of this current crop did...

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