Please welcome our new SharePoint MCM/MCA Program Lead!

Hi All,


Please join me in welcoming Brett Geoffroy to ‘The Master Team’! Brett will be driving our SharePoint MCM and MCA programs for us full time in FY10. He has been pulling double duty for a few months already while working with James to get up to speed and to ensure a smooth hand-off. James got this program off the ground in this last year, and did an excellent, excellent job starting from scratch and building a highly respected program in a very short amount of time. A big thank you to you, James!


I’m very excited to continue the momentum we’ve been able to achieve with Brett now at the helm. A few words from him:


Greetings all! I’m a Senior Consultant with Microsoft Consulting Services based in the San Francisco Bay Area. I’ve been in the IT consulting field for 13 years and have been working in the portal/WCM/search space since late 2000. In early 2005, I left behind my work with competing platforms and technologies by making the leap to MCS. Since then, I’ve focused exclusively on SharePoint products & technologies and have worked in architect and developer roles for large, long-running enterprise projects in the professional services, manufacturing, and finance industries in the US and the Netherlands. Prior to my professional career, I earned my B.S. in Management Science at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.


It’s a true honor to assume stewardship for the program in FY10. I achieved my SharePoint MCM in April after completing R2 and have been working closely with James to transition into the role over the past five months. The SharePoint MCM program remains one of the defining experiences of my career and I look forward to working with the instructor team and the greater MCM community to deliver a similarly fantastic experience to many more candidates in the coming year.



Welcome Brett!



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