SQL MCM Program Fee Discounts

The seventh SQL Microsoft Certified Master training and certification “rotation” is scheduled to kick off in October, leaving just a few more weeks for you to register (the registration deadline for a rotation is two calendar weeks prior to the rotation start date).  If you haven’t heard of the SQL Microsoft Certified Master program, you can learn all about it on the Microsoft Certified Master Program website.  


If you already know about the SQL MCM certification and you are interested in pursuing it, we have a few program fee discount promotions you should be aware of:


·        This first program fee discount is available to everyone…  If you apply for the SQL MCM rotation that is being held this year (October 5–24, 2009), you’ll save $3,550 (US dollars) on the program fee.

·        If you are a SQL MVP (Most Valuable Professional), you’ll save $8,500 (US dollars) on the program fee.


The program fee covers three weeks of training (on the Microsoft Redmond campus) taught by well known database industry leaders.  During the training you’ll receive three computer-based-testing exams and a six hour qualification lab that tests your hands on skills.  


If you successfully pass each exam, you’ll be part of an elite community of SQL Server experts (as of today there are only 54 SQL MCMs in the world).  This is a once-in-a-lifetime experience that will allow you to prove your technical mastery, build valuable contacts, and provide the knowledge you’ll need to help successfully address the most complex organizational or customer requirements.


Have questions you need answered before you take the leap?  Email us at mcmprog@microsoft.com.

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