Please welcome Ryan Conrad, the new fearless Directory MCM/MCA leader :)

Hi All,


Please join me in welcoming Ryan Conrad to our Master / MCA team! Ryan will be driving the Directory programs for us, effective immediately, as it is time for Walter to focus on his day job J For those that don’t know, Walter has been pulling double duty driving our Directory program and the IT Pro certifications for the last several months. I want to thank Walter for his endless passion that allowed us to debut a Directory offering that is meaningful and respected; without him, this program would not exist. Thank you, Walter!


Walter leaves the program in excellent hands as Ryan has been involved from early on. A few words from Ryan:


Hi all – I’m Ryan  Conrad and am a Senior Premier Field Engineer based in suburban Philadelphia.  I’ve been with PFE and Microsoft since May of 2006 performing Active Directory Risk Assessment Programs (ADRAPs) and delivering several workshops to our Premier Customers, as well as working on the occasional CritSit here and there.  Prior to Microsoft I spent time in the pharmaceutical, health care and education industries.  I have an MBA from Drexel University, an MS in Information Technology from Capella University and a BS in Computer Information Systems from PA College of Technology.


I attended the R3 Directory delivery  and have been involved with the content delivery, student and qualification labs since then.  I’m extremely excited to have this opportunity to put on an excellent program and work with such a talented group of people.  Thank you Walter for all of your efforts!


Welcome Ryan!




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