Introducing the Newest Microsoft Certified Masters for SharePoint!


It’s been a couple of months since my last post, and in that time we have completed our RTM delivery of the SharePoint MCM program (Rotation 3, or “R3”) and we’ve also had several candidates from the previous rotations pass their retakes.


As such, it gives me great pleasure to introduce the newest Microsoft Certified Masters for SharePoint 2007! The recent graduates of the SharePoint MCM program are (in alphabetical order):


·         Antonio Gazzeri: Antonio is an Architect in Microsoft Services, based in Florence, Italy.


·         Denis Heliszkowski: Denis is a Premier Field Engineer with Microsoft and is located in Portugal.


·         Doug Perkes:  Doug is a Senior Consultant for Microsoft Services based out of Phoenix, AZ.


·         Ilya Belomutov: Ilya is a Senior Developer at NED Software Consulting in Finland.


·         Johan Kroese: Johan is a Technical Architect with Atos Origin in the Netherlands.


·         Marek Samaj: Marek is a Consultant with Microsoft Consulting Services and is based in Slovakia.


·         Mario Fulan: Mario is an Architect with Microsoft Consulting Services in the State and Local Government and Education (SLGE) practice and is based in Ohio. 


·         Maxime Bombardier: Maxime is a Consultant with MCS based in Eastern region of Canada.


·         Mirjam van Olst: Mirjam is a SharePoint Architect Consultant at the Information Worker Solutions department of Macaw in the Netherlands.


·         Neil Hodgkinson: Neil is a Senior Field Engineer with Microsoft and is based in the UK.


·         Rai Umair: Rai Umair is a Principal Consultant with Stargate Group in Melbourne, Australia.


·         Ram Gopinathan: Ram is a Senior Consultant with Microsoft Consulting Services based out or Chicago, IL.


·         Robert Jaakke: Robert works for Mavention and is based in the Netherlands.


·         Roman Lutz: Roman is a Principal Consultant with Microsoft Consulting Services Austria.


·         Tajeshwar Singh: Tajeshwar is a Consultant working with Microsoft Global Services India.


Please join me in congratulating our newest Microsoft Certified Masters for SharePoint 2007! Great job and welcome to the community.


For more information on the SharePoint MCM program, please visit our site on as well as our recent post on this blog.

Comments (5)

  1. Anonymous says:

    Hi Gunnar,

    Thanks for your comment and your interest in the SharePoint MCM program. With regards to pre-requisites and experience, the requirements for the two remaining SharePoint 2007 rotations (R4 and R5) will remain consistent with the previous rotations. However, moving forward, the requirements for the SharePoint 2010 rotations will focus on SharePoint 2010 and SharePoint 2007 experience.



  2. Tobias Zimmergren says:

    Everyone, a huge congratulations for passing the MCM. Awesome job!

  3. Harish Mathanan says:

    Congratulations to all, amazing stuff!

  4. Nick Boumans says:

    Well done to all! Congratulations! I think you deserved a SharePint 🙂

  5. Gunnar Peipman says:

    Congratulations to all new masters! 🙂

    I checked out SharePoint MCM requirements. One thing seems there weird to me – why candidates must have experience on content management server? MOSS2007 has been there almost three years already. Is there any hope that conditions change in near future?

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