There Are Now 100 MCM Exchange Server 2007’s!

Today, Alessandro Goncalves, a Senior Support Engineer for Microsoft based in Las Colinas become this program's 100th MCM to be certified in Exchange Server 2007!

It's a great achievement, and we're all very proud of him. He attended the R3 rotation, in March/April just gone and passed his Qual Lab at the second bite earlier today.

Only 100? It doesn't seem like a lot given the product is 2 years old now and about to be replaced, but 1 MCM touches tens of thousands of mailboxes, if not hundreds of thousands, or even millions, every week, we have a wide touch. Just think, the next time you open a support case, you might end up talking to one of the most highly trained and skilled Exchange engineers in the world. Next time your company is engaging on a tough and complex project, get an MCM involved. I have the pleasure of meeting some of the best and brightest in the world, and then spend my time trying to make them better. The least we can all do is keep them busy...


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  1. Greg Taylor says:

    My guess would be 5 or so.

    One thing I think interesting to note, and I know this might cause some argument, so please take this as a generalism, not a rule – MVP’s and MCM’s tend to work at different ends of the industry, size wise.

    MVP’s tend (again, I know there are some that this does not apply to, I’m on their DL and I know many of them personally) to work at the small and medium end of things, and MCM’s tend to work at the medium and enterprise end of things. Many MVP’s are also self employed, so paying for this training is sometimes harder than for someone who works for a large company.

    I often get into discussions which end up by someone asking, "what could an MVP learn that they don’t already know?"  – and I always point to things the few MVP’s we have trained have said – they had no idea there was so much they didn’t know. MVP’s love to learn and help, and I love to help them do that.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Thanks a lot Greg for all the help you and everybody involved in the MCM program gave me. For sure I have met a lot of incredible people during the rotation and even more now being a MCM.

    Now it is just keep on troubleshooting the world in case at a time…

  3. Kay Sellenrode says:

    We won a project cause I’m MCM. We were added to the race at the end and won over 4 other companies isn’t that great value of being MCM 🙂

  4. Exchange Newbie says:

    How many of these guys are both MCM and MVP ?

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