So how many Exchange MCM’s and MCA’s are there out there now?

Seeing as how I just gathered the data for someone, I thought I'd put the latest numbers out there for all to see.

Microsoft Certified Masters

  • Exchange Server 2003 - 146 (112 work for Microsoft, 34 work for partners or are independant contractors, hereinafter referred to as 'non-msft' or similar)

  • Exchange Server 2007 - 94 (Microsoft 55, non-MSFT 39)

Microsoft Certified Architects in Exchange

  • Exchange Server 2003 - 68 (17 non-msft, 51 from Microsoft)

  • Exchange Server 2007 - 9 (8 from Microsoft, 1 who is not)

In total, there are 150 people at Microsoft with one or more of these certifications, and 67 who work either for a partner or independantly.

The good thing to see in my eyes is the increasing ratio of non-MSFT folks gaining MCM 2007 status. Remember, the program was internal only when it started and so the Microsoft numbers will always be higher for the early years, but it's changing. And I like that.


Comments (2)

  1. Anonymous says:

    Hi Randy,

    The list below includes those who have agreed to share their details, so there  are bound to be more, but it will give you a good idea:…/master.aspx



  2. randy o'bruba says:

    Where can I find current MCM certifications stats?

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