It’s Upgwade Season….

That's an Elmer Fudd reference, not a typo by the way...

So last week three 2003 Exchange MCM's upgraded their cert to the 2007 version (for the 2003 to 2007 upgrade they 'just' need to pass the Qual Lab). Congratulations to;

  • William Yang - William works for EMC in Singapore as a Senior Solutions Architect

  • Sandy Millar - Sandy is between roles right now, is based in Melbourne and is looking for a new challenge as it happens, so email me if you want to get in touch with a 2003 MCM and MCA, and now a 2007 MCM (and soon a 2007 MCA I have no doubt).

  • Edwin Huber - Ed is a Senior Escalation Engineer for Microsoft Customer Support Services (CSS) based in Germany. He adds MCM 2007 to his MCM and MCA in 2003.

I have plenty more in the calendar now, ready to go, and one happening in fact as I type this... so there will be some more to announce soon I hope.

In case anyone is wondering what the path from 2003 to 2010 will be - there isn't one. If you went through an early 'Ranger' rotation to get your MCM 2003, you will need to get MCM 2007 before you can upgrade that to 2010. What gets you from 2007 to 2010? It's not fully confirmed yet, but given as it's my decision I feel fairly comfortable in saying it will probably be a written exam, and the Qual. Certainly cheaper than attending three weeks of training though, so if you want to get into the program and have expereince on 2007, then go book a seat. Soon. It's filling up.


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