Now This Isn’t Something You Get All That Easily….

Did you know that every new MCM Exchange Server 2007 gets a personal letter, signed (really signed, I send them over to his office, he kindly signs them for me) by Rajesh Jha, the Corporate VP of Microsoft Exchange and Office Live? (Rajesh did an intro on the EHLO blog here.)

Why does he do that? Becuase Rajesh really believes in what this program does for Exchange, in fact he once told me he thinks the Exchange team are lucky to have a program like this, helping customers to deploy it, configure it, and to troubleshoot it. Exchange can be simple or can be as complex as you can make it, and that's where we usually come in, at that end of the market.  

Put that in with your resume and see what it does for you....or put that in front of a customer and see what it means to them...


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