Please Welcome and Congratulate the Newest Exchange 2007 MCM’s!

MCM Exchange 2007 R3 finished on May 22nd, and resulted in seven new MCM's. They were;

  • Chris Antonakis - Chris is a PFE for Microsoft based in South Africa

  • Mark Biernatowicz - Marek works for Polska Telefonica in Poland as a Mail Specialist

  • Sol Keston - Sol works for MCS in the US East Region for Microsoft

  • Ryan Sanders - Ryan works for Forsythe Solutions Group as a Senior Consultant

  • Dustin Smith - Dustin works as an Advisory Architect for EMC 

  • Steve McIntyre - Steve is a Solutions Architect for Dell in the UK

  • Rolf Tröndle - Rolf works for Econis AG as an IT Architect

Well done to them all, it was another intenstive 3 weeks, 16 came, 7 passed first time, and I'm sure many more will complete the exams over the next month or two.

Coming to this blog soon will be the schedule for the two remaining Exchange 2007 deliveries, before we re-develop for 2010. Now, if you are reading this, thinking of attending but are thinking you'll just wait for 2010 I would say this - unless you are going to be getting real hands-on expereince with 2010, don't wait. There's a good chance you won't be accepted straight onto the 2010 delivery if you can't show real world experience. My suggestion would be to get onto the 2007 training and then take advantage of the upgrade options we will offer next year. So don't delay, get yourself registered.

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  1. Joshua Maher says:

    Congrats guys, definitely great to see!!

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