Rotation 2 OCS MCM – showing Exchange and Directory that real time comms is where it’s at!

In between all the work during rotation 2 we managed to squeeze in some group events. The usual favourite was karting at K1 Speed in Redmond. For this rotation we combined forces with Exchange and Directory which were running at same time in Redmond and what is normally a fun filled 2 hours on the track turned into a vicious inter program race off (OK - maybe not but I'm trying to talk it up). After 2 hours of nonstop time trials the 8 fastest from the evening were called forward for a final race. The final was a 'take no prisoners' fight for the chequered flag. The race started with some shocking driving by the Directory and Exchange PMs where they resorted to dirty tricks and un-gentlemanly conduct. Despite all this Team OCS won the evening taking first place (Juergen Fruehwirth), third (Nick Smith), fifth and seventh and ALSO recording the fastest lap of the night. So if you need an answer as to which program is the best. Here you have it.....

OCS cleans up at K1


So long Exchange and bring it on Sharepoint in rotation 3. We'll be waiting......

Comments (3)

  1. Anonymous says:

    Sadly Bill couldn’t make it and I was held up in traffic (right until a lap before the end I managed to ‘nudge’ Adrian out the way to steal 4th I think it was. Or was it 5th? I can’t remember. Either way, I beat him… which was the main thing….

    Juergen was fast. Very fast. I suspect his childhood was spent on the road with a travelling circus.

  2. Gabriel says:

    Congrats to the OCS guys. I guess Exchange R2 had better drivers LOL

  3. Brian Gibson says:

    What happened Greg? And also did we not have Bill "Ringer" Thompson driving that night? :o)

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