See What Happens When You Pass a Masters Exam….

So we're in week 3 of MCM Exchange 2007 Rotation 3 right now, which is why it has been a bit quiet... busy busy...

On Monday the class took exam number 2, covering mailbox, performance, ccr, scr etc. It's a very tough exam. At 8pm Monday night the class got their results.

A few of them were together at the time, check out the happiness that comes as a result of being one step closer to being an MCM.... Just two more exams to go...

Happy Masters

(and look how happy the waitress was to have this group of brain-the-size-of-a-planet people in her restaurant that night... ahem...)

Only a week from now these guys will all know whether they made MCM this time, or might need another go at an exam. It's been a fun, and intensive two and a bit weeks.

I'll leave it to the guys in the picture to identify themselves.

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  1. JC says:

    Wow, Greg looks great in black, and I love the new hair style!!

    Far too many empty glasses whilst full pitchers sit idle there R3 🙂

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