Another Write-Up on the MCM Experience

Neil Johnson from MCS in the UK, who attended Exchange R2 has written up a very comprehensive account of his recent experience - go check it out at 

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Ah…. my past comes back to haunt me…

    Paul and I worked together for a Gold Partner in the UK and both worked on the project for a certain large burger company, establishing their worldwide SINGLE LABEL DNS forest root and creating their Exchange 2000 Active/Active cluster… my, if only we had known then what we know now….

    BTW, the AD design wasn’t written by us… I was just the guy pushing the buttons…

  2. Anonymous says:

    No-one wants to know how many computers I have broken over the years… least of all my previous customers… 🙂

    Was that the idea of using X.400 to route between orgs rather than an SMTP sub domain? Man, those glory days… X.400… a dark art…

  3. Paul Colwell says:

    As somebody that is starting the journey towards master certification i found this extremely interesting,  Although the line “It’s also worth remembering to check the basics, networking, DNS, AD – it’s amazing just how much chaos Greg can cause without actually doing much!” that might surprise a few people  but having worked with Greg for a number of years I can tell you chaos followed him around :O) !

  4. Paul Colwell says:

    And i was the guy flipping the burgers!!!

    I do remember a certain brain wave over distribution lists you had while eating burger and chips…!! Who said fast food kills brain cells

  5. Paul Colwell says:

    Oh by the way there plenty more on the past if anybodys interested…!

  6. Paul Colwell says:

    it was the idea of routing using x.400, glory days indeed.

    I had to search through some old documentation to be sure but i found it alongside the "luck of the draw" document…

    That’s how we decided how we broke major infrastructure projects up … pulling numbers out of hats…..!! I always got DHCP!!!

    Anyway back on track blood sweat tears here we come. Anybody else got any survival  tips?

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