SQL Cat publishes XEvents Waitstats reporting tool!

Mentioned during the last rotation was SQL CAT team's Waitstats reporting tool.  I was pleased to learn today that the tool is finally available on codeplex, at the following link.  I've come to rely on WaitStats in my most frequent customer requested task, performance tuning (PTO).  I harken back to the SQL 2000 days when I was fortunate to stumble upon a whitepaper written by Tom Davidson (SQL CAT Team) and found it provided unbelievable insights previously hidden from my poor eyes.  Many of the waitstats of today can be discovered using DMV's in the box.  This tool allows the user to collect "Response time analysis at the session or statement level including waitstats using the new Extended Events infrastructure in SQL Server 2008".  This represents another arrow in the waitstats quiver that I find is frequently one of my steps when evaluating performance problems on large database systems.  I hope you find this as useful as I expect.


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