Introducing MCM Exchange R2

I would have done this earlier but I'm not all that technical and couldn't figure out how to publish a picture... Anyway, here's a class picture of all those that attended MCM R2.

So, from left to right we have.... Morten Banke, Tyler Jin, Atif Mazhar, Kris Becan, Riaz Malik, Morten Kjønnø, Tim Maynes, hocheol Kang, me, Theodore the Chipmonk, Brian Gibson, Davide McGarr, Sjaak Rovers, Kay Sellenrode, Tim Thomason, Gabriel Velilla, Neil Johnson, Wayne Filin-Mathews.

What a handsome bunch they are eh?

A week today another 15 turn up for MCM Exchange R3. I can't wait.....

Comments (1)

  1. Michael Dragone says:

    A motley crew for sure. Good luck, men.

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