OCS Master – Giving something back

Since starting work on the OCS Master program back in September 08 and with our first rotation in January this year it has rather felt that I've done nothing but ask people for things for the past 8 months. If I was to put together my top 5 asks they would probably be

  • Patience (from my various stakeholders)

  • Answers (from the UC Product Group to technical questions)

  • Support (from a list of individuals as long as your arm)

  • Time and Effort (from my incredible content development and delivery team)

  • Understanding (this one was specifically to my wife as I disappeared to Terminal 5 at Heathrow - again)

Building a program like Master places enormous demands across a wide variety of teams and individuals. Well finally I'm thrilled that OCS Master has finally turned the corner and has started giving something back to the broader community. In rotation 1 I asked the candidates to each choose a blog topic (which had to be technically focused) and get a draft to me by the end of the rotation. Considering there already aren't enough hours in the day during a hectic rotation schedule this was a popular request as you can imagine. With the kind support (there's one of those top 5 again) of the Communications Server team site these blogs were to be posted under the OCS Masters banner. In the past few days we've seen the first two of these go live here and here (and great posts they are too) and we have many in the pipeline. So keep an eye on the OCS team site over the coming weeks as these work their way into final publication. Great work by rotation 1 and for those of you coming to rotation 2 we have all sorts of fun stuff like this ready and waiting.


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