One of the family moves on…

For anyone that has ever gone through our programs over the last 3 years, been a member of the community, anyone that wanted some more information on what we do, needed help with accomodations, had a question here or there, had a need for various assistance while at the training or our continued education, or or know who made it all happen: Cindy (who many of us have lovingly referred to as 'Mom' based on her being the glue of this Master/MCA family).

Well, today was Cindy's last day at Microsoft, and we're all going to miss her a ton. She's chosen to take a quick break and see what other challenges she can find.

It really is a bit of family here. Times change, people may move to different roles, but there's a common bond that everyone that's touched the programs shares. It's a bit of 'us against the world' type of thing. We all truly believe in these special programs that we have the privelege of working on..this niche thing that isn't necessarily at the center of others' reach and revenue goals, but that really allows us to connect with people on a real level and change the world one person, one community at a time. Yeah, sounds pretty cheesy, sorry...but it's true.

But I digress...Cindy - thank you again for everything. We know you'll be a great success no matter what your next challenge is, and rest assured - you'll always be a member of this family.

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  1. Jedi Hammond says:

    Thank you for everything Cindy you will be missed!!!

  2. Cindy, thank you for everething. I getting your help so many times (2 rotations and MCA board)… Good luck in any future challenges.

  3. Cindy you were the good soul fo this program! (no offense guys :-)) Thank you for everything and goog luck!

  4. Wayne Anderson says:

    Ill refrain from wishing you ‘goog luck’ and will instead offer a thanks for the many times you have helped my folks navigate the rocks ‘n shoals of the process.

    Thanks Cindy.

  5. Thomas Strasser says:

    … now the crises reached Microsoft…

    Cindy you allways had a good word after unsuccessfull qual-labs, boards and other unattractive actions. let me embrace you one more time.

    Thanks for all Cindy!

  6. Adis Tucakovic says:

    If you needed something all you had to do was ask Cindy and consider it done. Thanks for all the support it really made a difference.

  7. Cindy, you always had an incredible human touch with us "geeks" and very helpful during those long times away from home. Thanks for everything you did for me personally!

  8. Arno Zwegers says:


    Hopefully you will post a reply to this blog when you are finished with your break and go on finding those chalenges in live. Thanks for helping me and my roommate during ranger to move appartments twice one for a broken toilet and one for a snoring neighbour.

  9. Devin Ganger says:

    Thank you, Cindy, for everything you’ve done for us!

  10. Donté Henry says:

    Cindy, you are awesome!  Through the many administrative challenges the program has faced, it’s always been a pleasure and a delight to work with you.  We will miss having you "take care" of us.  I hope you spend your time enjoying and taking care of yourself!  All the very best in whatever is next for you.

  11. Ramon Infante says:


    You will be missed your compassion , your willingness to always lend a hand and extend yourslef for others.  I will aways remember you kindess and warmth.  My hope is that this move is whats best for you and yours and that it helps you do the things you want.  We are better off for having had you be part of the team our our community will not be the same with out you.

    All the best Ray

  12. Mohamed Baher says:

    Cindy, Thanks a million for everything you did for us. Wish you all the best in your next step…

  13. Thank you all for your kind thoughts and comments!

    This role was certainly the highlight of my professional career. I enjoyed interacting with each of you and the community at large. I miss it immensely!!

    I wish you all the best in the weeks, months, and years ahead.  You will certainly be in my thoughts!!

  14. Haythum Auda says:

    Greetings Cindy,

    I will start by saying see you later… I hope to.. you have been for long the one point of entry that kept the team together always helping, willing to advice, always with a happy and joyful voice, even not seeing you I could sense your smile through our IM session :o)

    Thank you for always being there,

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