Give Them All A Slap on the Back to Say Well Done!

Yet more Microsoft Certified Master | Exchange 2007's I'm delighted to annouce!

Robert Rice from West Monroe Partners in Chicago. Robert attended the R1 rotation of Masters last October and is another one to have recently passed the Qual Lab. I'm sure Bob will be another great member of our community.

Christian Schindler from NTx BackOffice Consulting Group in Austria, who successfully upgraded to MCM 2007 from 2003. Christian is an MCM/MCA in Exchange 2003 as well.

Gerald Ramich, a Senior PFE for Microsoft in the US, again, an upgrade from MCM 2003 to 2007. Gerald also teaches some of the Ops/Mgmt stuff for the Program. Gerald is also a 2003 MCM/MCA.

Agus Rachman, a Consultant for Microsoft based in Indonesia. Another upgrader from 2003 to 2007.

Ross Smith IV - That rather well known Microsoft all-round clever chap, creator of previous labs and instructor of Master classes passed the lab I built to get his MCM 2007 as well, to add to his MCM and MCA in 2003.

Devin Ganger from 3Sharp, MVP and another very bright graduate from Masters R1 in October. Devin is lucky enough to have a Roundtable device at home it turns out, so I had the pleasure of watching him do some kung-fu'esque calming moves as the Roundtable followed him around the room. Nice... Devin will be blogging about his Master's experience soon on his blog. Keep an eye out for that.

So well done to them all, more labs this week and next, and just over two weeks to the start of Rotation 2. I'm looking forward to seeing a new group arrive, fresh faced and full of energy.... we'll soon get on with some work, don't worry.


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  1. Anonymous says:

    Brent Ozar posted an interesting piece on the value of the MCM credential. He argues that the value in being an MCM comes primarily to people who already have the ability to act as a force multiplier, making the people…

  2. Anonymous says:

    That is funny, Brian 🙂

    Ross Smith? The IV? The walking Exchange dictionary / lexicon? Nice to see you can walk the walk, Ross, not just talk the talk :p (Yeah, we harrass each other just a little).

    Congrats everyone! Awesome to see these additions to the community. As I always say to people at the end of the training: "Now the real fun starts!"

  3. Anonymous says:

    Ack – the blog gods may have gotten the best of me just now. JOSH – I tried to clean up your duplicate post, but perhaps it removed both of them? Sorry about that :(, please feel free to repost so Greg can talk you into signing up again 🙂

  4. Brian Gibson says:

    Well done folks. I thought it was funny when this come up on my RSS in my sidebar as "Give them all a slap"…..:o)

  5. Devin Ganger says:

    That wasn’t kung-fu, that was karate! I was just doing some katas to meaningfully pass away the time (and work out the kinks in the body).

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