Congratulations Again – Two New MCM | Exchange Server 2007’s

It's been a busy week again for labs, two taken Monday, and passed, and four more scheduled for later this week... it's a wonder I get any time to do anything else (that was for Per).

So on Monday, Thierry Demorre, Sr Director, Messaging and Collaboration for Avanade in the US East region, who attended Ranger rotation 5 back in the early 60's, sorry, 00'ties passed his 2003 > 2007 Qual Lab. Well done Thierry!

Also passing Monday was Tonino Bruno. Tonino works as an independant consultant for BTConsulting based out of Brussels, and works with both Excange and OCS. Tonino attended Ranger rotation 17, just a couple of rotations before we switched all the content to 2007.

Well done to them both! Great job! There will be more this week with luck.

For anyone keeping track... here are the new numbers (you will notice some went down! I found a problem in some of the 2003 data, no-one that had one actually lost a cert! Teach me to check harder next time won't it...)

Microsoft Certified Master | Exchange Server 2003 - 144

Microsoft Certified Master | Exchange Server 2007 - 52

Microsoft Certified Architect | Exchange Server 2003 - 68

Microsoft Certified Architect | Exchange Server 2007 - 9


Comments (3)

  1. Anonymous says:

    Awful formatting though… but I hope you can read that ok.


  2. Anonymous says:

    Hi Pat, here you go…

    Certification Microsoft Partners

    MCM 2003                111 33

    MCM 2007                34 18

    MCA 2003                51 17

    MCA 2007                8 1

    Isn’t Excel a wonderful time saver…

  3. Pat Richard says:

    I’d be curious to know how the numbers break down based on those who are employed by Microsoft. Just curiousity, really.

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