Change of date for Rotation 2 of OCS Master

Just wanted to give an update that we've moved rotation 2 of OCS Master out by a few weeks to April 27th - May 16th. The main reason for this was to give us enough time to update the materials post RTM of OCS 2007 R2 and include some new content and labs in the second delivery and some of them are pretty complex so will take several runs through testing to get right.

We also have to manage the move of our entire lab infrastructure from the main Redmond campus to MSLs new offices in Bellevue. I know it’s only 10 minutes down the 520 but we've got 2 racks of gear to move plus some pretty intricate networking requirements to get sorted out as the classroom will be remaining on campus.

Given all this my primary concern was ensuring the beta delivery was the highest possible quality and slipping the date a few weeks to the other side of Easter is the right decision. Apologies to those already signed up and accepted for rotation 2 but your place is safe and the Masters team will work with you to make sure you’re all set to be in Redmond in April. Oh – and the weather should be better in Redmond in April J.....




Comments (2)

  1. Anonymous says:

    Oh, but Jim, we have wonderful windows in each of our classrooms that overlook spacious mountain skies and other wonders of mother nature! ….ah, wait, that’s not right, I’m thinking of something else.

    But hey – the walk from your car to the conference room and back, and from your car to your room and vice versa, now THAT you’ll easily enjoy much more in April 🙂

  2. Jim Raymond says:

    Weather? I didn’t think you experienced weather outside of the conference room! LOL

    Thanks for the update!

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