They Just Won’t Stop…..

In my recent post I listed how many MCM's and MCA's we had - well, it has changed... The two taking their labs that day both passed. So both are now MCM 2007's. And today, an attendee from the first Masters delivery passed his Qual Lab at the second bite and becomes an MCM in Exchange Server 2007 as well.

So, congraulations to;

Jeffrey Rosen - US MCS and now an MCM 2003 and MCM 2007

Guy Groeneveld - A Principal PFE from Microsoft in France who is now MCM 2003/7 and MCA 2003 (working on that next....)

Jedidiah (Jedi) Hammond - From Dell Services in the US.

Yes, we now actually have, a Jedi Master. And we're all very proud of them all.

May the Force be with you all.

Jedi Master

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