So How Many Masters Are There?

Now that is a great question if I do say so myself.... and one I am often asked.

I'll answer for the Exchange Program, the oldest, the wisest, almost certainly the best, and certainly the one I know most about... and tell you that over the last five years we have had a lot of people through. How many exactly? No idea. Back when it started the people that ran the Program didn't actually use computers to keep track of these things, they scratched on pieces of bark, scribbled lists of names on the backs of their hands, that sort of thing. Sadly in a recent office move we lost the pieces of bark. Some of the hands still showed smudges, which tells you something about their cleanliness, but sadly, we couldn't read the names. Long way of saying, I wish I knew, but I don't.

In a recent audit however we did a lot of work though to make sure the data we did have was correct and I'm confident that the following numbers are pretty close now. Pretty close because they change all the time. As I type this I have two MCM 2003's taking their upgrade Qual Lab virtual exam to get their 2007 certification. So if they pass, add two to the MCM 2007 number below.... If they don't... don't.

Microsoft Certified Master | Exchange Server 2003 - 150

Microsoft Certified Master | Exchange Server 2007 - 44

Microsoft Certified Architect | Exchange Server 2003 - 65

Microsoft Certified Architect | Exchange Server 2007 - 11

Bear in mind some people hold multiple certifications, and all those with an MCA also old at least one MCM, so the 65 with the MCA | Exchange Server 2003 certificatio are also MCM 2003's. Hope that makes sense.

Our two newest MCM Exchange 2007's are Jason Deskin, from MCS in the US and Ash Gabal, also from MCS in the US, who is also an MCM Exchange 2003. It's not all Microsoft folks I can assure you, but there are quite a few...

As people pass I'd like to annouce them here, and perhaps even ask some of those who have been through the Program to blog about their experiences here.... anyone want to get the ball rolling? Contact me if you do...     

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  1. perfarny says:

    Congratulations Jason and Ash!

  2. Anonymous says:

    In my recent post I listed how many MCM’s and MCA’s we had – well, it has changed… The two taking their

  3. What about SQL Server? Where do I find them?

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