My turn for an intro…

Thanks for the introduction Per, how great to have you give us all 'pet names' yet strangely omit yourself? Hmmmmm. We'll have to think of one for you, one we can publish that is...

So, by way of introduction, I work in Redmond, and run the Exchange Master Program and am the lead for the MCA | Exchange program too, so basically my job is to set the curriculum for the training, set the exams, the pass scores, lead the singing etc etc, and to sit on the Review Board certifying those who wish to take the MCA Board. Aside from all those things, I work with the existing community we have, organizing events, training, all that sort of thing.

Before I took on this role I was a Consultant for MCS in the UK, and I went through the Program I now am responsible for some four years ago. I never expected to be doing this four years later I have to say... but I was honoured to be asked. I know how much of an impact the Program had on my career, and so I take the job seriously, there's a lot of pressure of those entering the Program, the rewards are high, but they aren't easy to reach.

So I'll leave it at that for now, I have something else I want to post, but I'll do that seperately.

If anyone particularly wants me to post about specific areas of the Exchange Programs please do let me know, else it will just be random things I think about from time to time.

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